The Floorwalkers

The Floorwalkers integrate the full spectrum of American music — country, funk, jazz, pop, rock and soul among a musical kaleidoscope that has made them a popular band in the Columbus area for the past seven years.
The six members of this talented band grew up together in Chardon, OH, a Cleveland suburb.
They  played little league baseball together as children and in high school they traded in their bats for guitars, percussion and a unique style and formed a band
When half of the band moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University, the other half refused to be left behind.
Growing up together in the same Cleveland, Ohio suburb, The Floorwalkers played little league baseball together as children. In high school bats gave way to guitars and the band was formed. When half of the band moved to Columbus to attend OSU the other half followed.
The band managed to draw a strong Midwest following, playing 129 consecutive weeks on campus while working on a debut full length album. In November 2010 more than 1,300 fans came out for their first album debut, “The Natural Road.”
The Floorwalkers have built a truly grassroots following.